Blue River (纽西蘭)

Our Story

Blue River Dairy is based in the heart of Southland, New Zealand. The Blue River Story began more than a decade ago on the fertile banks of a beautiful blue river on the southern coast of New Zealand’s scenic Southland. In the early days only sheep milk feta cheese was produced however the product range has been extended to include a number of award winning cheeses, ice cream and milk powder. The success of our company is closely linked to the rich farming land of the southern river valleys and the rolling pastures on which the sheep happily graze and provide the rich, sweet milk that creates todays current range of unique products.

Our three farms are all located in neighbouring Southland and our sheep are a composite of East Friesan. East Friesans are the best milking breed, and we have cross bred them with some tougher breeds so they handle life down here in the South.

We provide a unique point of difference to the New Zealand market offering delicious and nutritious sheep milk products in an industry that is dominated cow milk products. Blue River have created a sophisticated, integrated and cutting edge sheep dairy production platform, an innovative lamb rearing and genetic breeding programme on farm to ensure a secure continuous supply chain can be delivered, one of the first in the world to do so.


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